Villa Gaia à Digne les Bains, cuisine maison bio menus végétariens
Dessin d'artiste pour la cuisine maison de la Villa Gaia
It is simple and generous, prepared and served with care.
Anne-Françoise is cooking. She favors local produce and quality of biological origin.
The kitchen of the Villa Gaia follows the rhythm of the seasons and moods of the vegetable garden. She is inspired by the Provence culinary traditions and is sometimes seduced by those of more distant horizons for discoveries.
Georges-Eric invites you to taste the specialties of the House throughout the day:


The Villa Gaia is a small hotel 3 three-star friendly charm that offers guest rooms and cottages at Digne, spa resort in the Alps of high Provence, in France at the heart of unesco geopark. The Villa Gaia is located close to the Foundation Alexandra David Neel. The Villa Gaia regularly hosts artist Andy Goldsworthy of land art for his work on the shelters of art. The Villa Gaia has a wellness area, a large garden. The Villa Gaia offers a kitchen neat quality, vegetarian meals, slow food, local produce, organic and vegetarian. The Villa Gaia is ideal for seminars and courses of yoga.